Equilibrium Horses is a professional training stable of sports horses. In the last few years

we have shown our passion in sports by providing services, profits,  skilfull selection and professional training.

We want to expand Equilibrium Horses in Worldwide Sports for profitable competing and business.

We are looking for High-Class and long-term Business Partners  for the essential growth of Equilibrium Horses. 

With your support we can build one of the major stables in Central Europe


Long Term


Reference Letter

Investing in sports horses is a very profitable business for elites around the world.  

Well-trained and experienced horses often achieve prices reaching millions of euros,  

especially in the year before the Olympics.


if you are considering a purchase or to become a co-owner of a horse, please to let us know.

We will provide our support when selecting sports horses with the best European pedigrees and we will

provide them with appropriate training and care.

Would you like to know more about investing in sports horses, how much you can gain from it,

what it means exactly and what risks are involved?


Bartosz Jankowski


tel/ WhatsApp: +971 50 544 6109

mail: horses@equilibrium.top

language: ENG, ITA, POL

Łukasz Appel

Rider & Trainer

tel: +48 798 530 848

mail: horses@equilibrium.top

language: GER, POL

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