Necanto LSH

Date of birth: 2012

Breeder: Pries Karl-Heinrich

Breed: HOL

Father's name: Nekton / Nimmerdor

Mother's name: Zita VIII / Canto


6YO Polish Young Horse Champion 2018 

Oreo D.R.

Date of birth: 2014

Breeder: Reinout Delagaye

Breed: BWP

Father's name: Kannan

Mother's name: Bright Eyes VD Smis Z

3rd at X 4YO Polish Young Sport Horse Championships 2018 

2nd at 4YO Polish Young Horse Championships 2018 

V-Star D’ive Z

Date of birth: 2014

Breeder: Eeckhout Van Isabelle

Breed: Zangersheide

Father's name: Vigo D’Arsouilles

Mother's name: True Star D’Ive


2nd at X 4YO Polish Young Sport Horse Championships 2018 

Enjoy Blue Daimond

Date of birth: 2009

Owner: Klaudia Siarkiewicz

Breed: KWPN

Father's name: Mr. Blue/ Couperus

Mother's name: Maraminka/ Indoctro


Date of birth: 2013

Owner: Łukasz Appel

Breed: KWPN

Father's name: Andiamo/ Animo

Mother's name: Landgrafin/ Lancer II

Quiz 12

 Date of birth: 2013

Breeder: Petersen Monika Agnes

Breed: KWPN

Father's name: Quidamderevel

Mother's name: Arizona III / Con Air


Jackpot B

Date of birth: 2014

Breeder: G.J.B. Fikken

Breed: KWPN

Father's name: Kannan/ Viltaire

Mother's name: Corneille F / Heartbreaker


Date of birth: 2014

Breeder: G.E.M. Roeink

Breed: KWPN

Father's name: Indoctro

Mother's name: Ravenna II / Carvallo BB

High Class Cavallo H

Date of birth: 2012

Breeder: H. Peereboom

Breed: KWPN

Father's name: Corland / Cor De La Bryere

Mother's name: Lena / Wellington

Houston Quality Z

Date of birth: 2012

Owner: Quality Stud, Belgia

Breed: Z

Father's name: Heartbreaker/ Nimmerdor 

Mother's name: K-Quintana/ Quidam De Revel 

Cool De Revel

Date of birth: 2015

Breeder: Gempf Hans-Hermann

Breed: HOL

Father's name: Colman / Carthago

Mother's name: Z-Quidam's L / Quidam De Revel


Date of birth: 2011

Breed: HOL

Father's name: Carrino

Mother's name: S-Dream Girl

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