Rider & Trainer

Lukas is a titled Champion who has many years of experience working with Grand Prix horses. He attained his experiences in stables rom many countries such as Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. He continuously pushes himself to be the best as a result, he's been representing Poland for many years as a member of the National team. As ide from his ridding abilities he's very dedicated to his co- workers and mounts. He is highly effective in training young horses and achieves the highest results in the international stage.


Joannna has been working with horses for the last fifteen years, which includes master jumping through obstacles. For many years in cooperation with Lukasz, they have created the perfect matching pair when it comes to horse training and care. She provides support in the stable 24/7. Because of her abilities and dedication the horses are kept in impeccable conditions.


Keen on horse riding with family traditions. Horses are his natural thing as he was growing up in a stable since a little child. Creative and visionary with efficient skills and many talents. Gained expierience as a manager for the last 10 years. Executing unotainable matters and reiablility has been his strong attributes.

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